Lancaster 海洋之神 K1-实验室搅拌机: A new dimension to your mixing and pelletizing process.

The Lancaster 海洋之神 K1-实验室搅拌机 is our flagship product used for testing, experimentation, and development of new processes and products. An economical and rugged machine, the K1-实验室搅拌机 can also be used for small production work. The K1-实验室搅拌机s have repeatedly proven to be a minimal investment with maximum dividends in product development.

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Mechanical Design Features

  • Removable stainless steel mixing pan with 0.5 cu.ft. capacity for easy clean up
  • Large viewing port on the pan cover for adding process materials, observing the mix, and taking samples during the mixing process.
  • Touch screen control on independent control stand
  • Thermocouple mix temperature reading
  • Dual hand safety 但tons for operating mixing head

OPTIONAL FEATURES: pan heating and cooling, various rotor styles


Lancaster 海洋之神 实验室搅拌机
Lancaster 海洋之神-Laboratory Mixer




The K1-实验室搅拌机 is designed with a touch screen control for easy programming and data viewing. A thermal probe gives a report of temperature in real-time. There is a resettable elapsed mixing timer that provides for total mix process cycle times. A pre-programmable mix design can be input into the control. The control can also store and repeat mix cycles as well as communicate with other devices.


  • Electronic individually controlled speeds of pan and rotor, switchable from ft/sec to m/sec.
  • Timer that starts/stops with the machine.
  • Pre-programmable mix design times
  • Input or adjust pan and rotor speeds before or during operation
  • Data record of operating functions can be exported to a USB or other device
  • Pan heating and cooling available.
属性 帝国 度规
盘卷 0.7 cu.ft 20升
Working volume 0.3 cu.ft 8升
盘电机 ¾惠普 0.6 Kw
盘速度 Variable to 50 rpm
转子发动机 3 Hp 2.25 Kw
转子转速 Variable to 3000 rpm
重量 1100磅 500 Kg
Overall Dimensions 长40” 100 cm
宽度 30” 75 cm
高度 53” 135 cm
Mixing Process

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